About Materna ips

Materna ips is a 360° service provider delivering a complete range of services for automated passenger handling to airlines and airports: covering everything from kiosk check-in and self bag drop hardware through to software implementations as well as service delivery and maintenance. These include CUSS-based applications for kiosk, online or mobile check-in, automated bag drop and solutions for secure access and self-boarding. With 35 years of experience, Materna helps to minimize costs and at the same time to increase efficiency and safety.

As part of our Integrated Passenger Services our baggage handling solutions provide for quick, easy and secure baggage drop-off. Our excellent technology expertise and experience mean our solutions can easily be integrated into existing systems and infrastructures as additional benefits for our customers.



Jana Eull

Marketing Management
Phone: +49 (231) 5599 8691
Email: jana.eull@materna.de